Choose a Major or Career Direction

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Figuring out what major or career to pursue is tough.  There is no magical sorting hat or crystal ball that will give you the answer. This is a decision that you must make yourself, and it takes time and research. Think of it this way - Knowledge is power. The more information you have, the more thoughtful and well rounded your decisions will be.


Career or major exploration involves three main categories as shown.  Feel free to read through each section below or pick and choose a category based on your needs. Relax and breathe.  Things will become clearer as you explore your options.  


MAJOR ACADEMIC ADVISING – CLD DOES NOT offer academic advice regarding which classes to choose for your major or desired major. For help choosing classes for your major or desired major, please schedule an appointment with undergraduate advising or graduate advising accordingly to speak with an academic advisor.


Finding a career or major that aligns with your strengths and interests is important to your overall job satisfaction and wellbeing.  We’ve provided some free personality assessments to help you identify careers or majors that compliment your personality traits, workplace preferences and personal values.


Instructions: Please choose and complete one of the free personality assessments below (or do all three!).  Be sure to take your time so that you get the truest results. Remember, there are no wrong answers when completing these assessments. – Career Explorer uses career satisfaction data, psychometrics and machine learning to help you find your ideal career or major.  This takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete and can be done in multiple sittings. – 16 Personalities measures personality and lifestyle preferences and provides insight regarding career options, working environments and your preferred ways of interacting with others.  This takes approximately 10-20 minutes to complete. - O*NET Online helps you identify your interests and provides occupations that align with those interests. This takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.


Values – Personal values are a core part of our being.  They provide a sense of purpose and influence the decisions we make in life. Because of this, it’s important to have a career that aligns with these personal values. Complete the attached exercise to identify which values are top priority for you when choosing a career or major.

Once you have a greater understanding of your values and unique talents, it’s important to explore various careers or majors that align to your interests.  Use the attached exercises to help you organize your exploration efforts.  Start with your top three choices.  Think of it like a puzzle you’re putting together piece by piece.  With research, each piece you discover will add to your overall career or major picture.


Read about Majors:


What Can I Do with this Major:


Learn about specific careers:


• Zippia


Talk to those in specific fields:

Informational Interviewing Document

•Join a student club:


Here are some further suggestions provided by the Undergraduate Advising Center:


Use the resources below to gather more information about specific careers or majors of your choosing:

Making a plan can help you set goals and create actionable steps to move forward.  If you’ve completed the Know Yourself and Explore Career/Major Options sections of this website, you have identified your interests and researched your top careers/majors.  The next step is to narrow down your choices. This is a decision that only YOU can make. 


Career Counseling:

Make an Appointment with a Career Counselor to determine the best approach with your next steps.


Academic Advising:

For any questions regarding required courses, registering for classes or changing majors, be sure to meet with your academic advisor to ensure that you meet all the program requirements.