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On-Campus Student Employment or Jobs :


Securing an on-campus job is a great way to build work experience while attending school. In addition to the convenience and experience you will gain, on-campus roles can help you financially and professionally. There are multiple employment opportunities available for SF State students all over campus. All student employment positions are at will positions.

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Federal Work StudyFederal-work study is a federally funded financial aid program. It increases available part-time employment for students who need financial assistance while giving them the opportunity to gain practical work experience. Those who wish to work in the work-study program must be approved by the Financial Aid Office prior to being hired. For more information, please contact the Financial Aid Office.


Student Assistants: This on-campus work program offers students the chance to explore and develop career related skills and gain professional experience. Anyone who is registered as a student at SF State and is in good academic standing may be eligible to work as a Student Assistant.


Instructional Student Assistants / Graduate Assistants / Teaching Associates: Instructional Student Assistants (ISA), Graduate Assistants (GA), and Teaching Associates (TA) assist professors with research, teaching, facilitating group discussions, grading papers, and tutoring.


International Students: It is possible for international students who are visiting on an F-1 or J-1 visa to work on-campus. International students can work no more than 20 hours a week during the school year and 40 hours a week during the winter/spring break and summer. To apply for an on-campus job international students should go through the regular hiring process.


Where to Find On-Campus Student Employment or Job Opportunities :


HANDSHAKE - Filter by "On-Campus Student Employment" under Job Type to find opportunities


  • Associated Students - Variety of positions available
  • Campus Recreation - Variety of positions available
  • J. Paul Leonard Library - Variety of positions available
  • New Student Orientation Leaders - Lead summer orientations for new students
  • Resident Advisors - Develop residential communities for on-campus students
  • Peer Tutoring - Tutor or mentor your peers both in and outside of the classroom
  • Writing Center - Help students on a variety of writing assignments

Internship Overview :


What is an Internship?


An internship is a valuable, on-site work experience directly related to your career interests and major field of study. It allows you learn about the demands and requirements of a profession and industry under the direction of intentional learning goals. An internship can be paid, un-paid, or taken for academic credit, and can take place during the academic semester or in the summer.


Why Should I Intern?


  • Gain practical experience and develop marketable job skills in your chosen career field

  • Clarify your personal career goals and work-place preferences

  • Interact with qualified and experienced professionals in your field

  • Apply skills and knowledge learned in the classroom to on-the-job experiences

  • Make important contacts in the professional world that may lead to future job offers


Internship Listings and Resources :


SF State Student Resources :


Employers post their internships and jobs using Handshake , available exclusively for SF State students and recent alumni. For additional links, please see the Resources by Major page.


General Internship Search :



International Internship Search :



Intern Housing Resources :



Disability Internship Resources :



Internship for Academic Credit :


What is an Academic Internship?


Academic internships earn academic credit while career internships do not earn academic credit. Internships which are taken for academic credit require tuition payment in the same way as any course. There is no charge for internships not taken for academic credit. Hoping to receive academic credit for an internship? Visit the Institute for Civic and Community Engagement website to learn more.


Frequently Asked Questions :


Who is Eligible to Apply for an Internship?


Internships can be located close to home, near campus, anywhere in the USA or internationally.


What are the Requirements to Earn University Credit?


Getting course credit for an internship is like taking any course for credit. The course will be listed on your transcript showing that you have practical, as well as classroom, experience. The requirement for credit varies from department to department, and is generally determined by your department faculty advisor. Your faculty advisor will determine the amount of credit according to your level of responsibility and the number of hours per week on the job. A faculty advisor will assess your learning and performance and may require that you write a report or provide a critical analysis of a project. The internship must provide you with specific problems to solve and be related to your field of study. See the Internship Advisor Contact List at the top of this page for a list of advisors on campus.


Is there a charge for working as an Intern?


Only internships which are taken for academic credit require tuition payment—just like any other course. The tuition and charges pay for supervisors, monitoring, evaluation of your work performance and transcript notation. There is no charge for internships not taken for academic credit. In fact, a wage may be required according to the U.S. Dept. of Labor's Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Please review the Wage and Hour Division's six-point unpaid intern test if you would like to know more about unpaid internship regulations. The employer should never charge you.


Can I develop an Internship on my own?


The Office of Career Services puts on several career fairs each year both in the fall and spring semesters. We also provide employers on-campus interview (OCI) opportunities to interview our students on our campus for both the employer and student's convenience. To schedule an appointment with a career counselor, please click Yes! You can arrange your own placement related to your field of study. If you wish to earn academic credit, the internship must be approved before you register for classes. See your department's faculty advisor for more information. If you do not wish to obtain academic credit: Have clear goals established with the employer about your work experience. Agree to have work experiences that are related to your major.


What is a Cooperative Education Program (Co-op)?


A Cooperative Education Program is another type of program offered by employers that provides paid career-related work experience and offers academic credit. For more information, visit the SF State Cooperative Education Program.


To Consider Before an Internship?


Will I have opportunities to gain practical experience in my chosen field or learn if this area of my major is the right fit for me? Will I have an engaged supervisor working with me to create a successful experience based on my internship goals? Is there a strong education-, research-, or project-oriented aspect to the internship? Is your position as an intern somewhat independent of established, paid positions within this organization? If the internship is unpaid and you answered no to either of these questions, carefully review the Wage and Hour Division's six-point unpaid intern test.



Current Internships and Full-Time Positions :



Frequent Employers :


  • 7-Eleven - hiring 20,000 employees for 70,000 locations across the U.S.

  • Ace Hardware - hiring at various store locations; contact local store directly if you do not see any openings

  • Amazon - hourly warehouse, driver or shopper jobs…text AMAZON to 77088 for job alerts

  • Candor - find companies that are freezing hiring and still hiring

  • Cintas - Management Trainee (2 openings and a couple spots left in the SSF region starting this summer)

  • CVS Health - 50,000 full-time and part-time positions across the country

  • Domino's - open and hiring at various locations

  • Handshake - Article with updated list of 500 Companies Hiring Students on Handshake Right Now

  • PepsiCo - hiring 6,000 FT workers across the U.S.

  • Pizza Hut - various positions throughout the SF region

  • Safeway - various positions at Safeway stores such as home delivery, retail, and other positions

  • Save Mart - store level and warehouse positions at various locations

  • The Muse - find companies that are still hiring

  • Walgreens - temporary customer service associate roles nationwide


Remote Job Boards/ Resources :


  • AngelList - find the best remote work opportunities updated every day

  • Buffer - The 2020 State of Remote Work

  • CareerSidekick - The 18 Best Remote Job Boards in 2020

  • Covintern - Collection of remote internships postings from startups and companies, created by a student at Indiana University

  • Flexjobs - 20 Fully Remote Companies That Thrive on Virtual Work, Hiring Now

  • Getting Hired Remotely - Handshake articles with guidance on job searching and working remotely

  • Handshake - search for jobs that have the word “remote” in the title (Update your profile to indicate that you are willing to work remotely so that employers can find you.(The 3 Must-Haves on Your Handshake Profile)

  • LinkedIn - select REMOTE in the location field when conducting a job search

  • Outschool - fill the increased demand for online learning by becoming a virtual teacher

  • - Find remote jobs and companies and tips on managing working remotely

  • Skillcrush - The 25+ Best Sites for Finding Remote Work Online in 2020

  • Standuply - 330 Tools for Remote Work

  • Take Lessons - get paid to provide online lessons in such subjects as foreign language, musical instruments, or singing

  • - offers one-to one learning solutions from homework help and tutoring

  • Virtual Internships - explore opportunities with 200 companies that provide tasks to help students build skills

  • Workplaceless - Five Best Places to Find Remote Jobs

  • Workplaceless - Remote Work Dictionary

  • Zippia - Guide to Finding Remote and Work-From-Home Jobs