Handshake for Faculty and Staff

Career & Leadership Development invites faculty and staff to join Handshake in order to view or post job opportunities for students. Use the information below to decide if you would like to create an employer and/or student account.

If you would like to:


  • Post on campus jobs and interact with students like an employer would

  • View on-campus opportunities only


When creating an employer account, Handshake will ask you to connect with schools and your company. Please search and select San Francisco State University. If you choose to make this account, CLD asks that you do not change or delete any of the information on the SF State employer page or make edits/changes/delete any jobs that you did not post.

If you would like to:


  • See exactly what students can see

  • Find jobs that are relevant to your students (both on- and off- campus)


If you select to make this account, CLD asks that you do not apply to jobs or RSVP for events through your student account.


  • Go to sfsu.joinhandshake.com.

  • Create an account with your [blank]@sfsu.edu email address. You will not be granted access to Handshake without using a San Francisco State University email address.

  • You should receive a confirmation email after completing your registration. If you don’t find your confirmation email, please check your spam folder.

  • CLD needs to approve your access to SF State’s employer page and/or student account. To assist CLD with approving your request faster, you can email recruit@sfsu.edu with your title, department, and a brief description of what you intend to use your account for.

  • Merge Employer and Student Account (optional): Sign up for your student and employer account with the same SFSU email username and password. Handshake will merge the accounts and allow you to toggle between them.


Finished creating your account? Post a job (link)! Career & Leadership Development reserves the right to decline or revoke your access if there is any suspected misuse of these accounts. If you have any questions, please contact recruit@sfsu.edu for assistance.