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Spring 2023 Calendar of Events



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CareerEGDE: Resume & Cover Letter

Tue., Feb. 7    | 12-1PM

Register Here!

CareerEGDE: Job Searching Strategies

Wed., Feb. 8  | 12-1PM Register Here!

VMock Lab 

Fri., Feb. 10  | 12:30-1PM Register Here!

CareerEGDE: Major & Career Exploration

Tue., Feb.14  | 12-1PM Register Here!

CareerEGDE: Resume Lab

Wed., Feb. 15   | 12-1PM Register Here!

CareerEGDE: Presenting Myself to Employers

Thu., Feb. 16    | 12-1PM Register Here!

CareerEdge: After the Fair: What Now

Thu., Feb. 28    | 12-1PM Register Here!

CareerEdge: Perfecting the Job Interview

Wed., Mar. 1  | 12-1PM  Register Here!

Big Interview Lab

Fri., Mar. 3   | 12:30-1PM Register Here!

CareerEdge: How to Build a LinkedIn Profile 

Tue., Mar. 7   | 12-1PM Register Here!

CareerEDGE: Using LinkedIn for Networking

Wed., Mar. 8      | 12-1PM Register Here!

CareerEDGE: Is SFSU Grad School Right For Me?

Tue., Mar 28     | 12-1PM Register Here!

CareerEdge: Resume Lab

Tue., Apr. 4  | 12 - 1PM Register Here!

CareerEdge: Networking for Introverts

Wed., Apr. 5   | 12-1PM Register Here!

CareerEdge: Standing Out at a Career Fair 

Thu., Apr. 6   | 12:15-1:15PM Register Here!

VMock Lab

Fri., Apr. 7     | 12:30 - 1PM Register Here!

CareerEdge: Resume & Cover Letter

Tue., Apr. 11   | 12-1PM Register Here!

CareerEdge: Standing out at a Career Fair

Wed., Apr. 12   | 12:15-1:15PM Register Here!

CareerEdge: Grad School Searching Strategies

Tue., Apr.18    | 12-1PM Register Here!

CareerEdge: Job Application Workshop

Thu., Apr. 20      | 12:15 - 1:15PM Register Here!

CareerEdge: I am Graduating, What Now?

Tue., Apr. 25  | 12 - 1PM Register Here!

CareerEdge: What can I do with my Major?

Wed., Apr. 26   | 12 - 1PM Register Here!

CareerEdge: Resume & Cover Letter

Tue., May. 2    | 12-1PM Register Here!

CareerEdge: Last Minute Job Searching

Wed., May. 3   | 12- 1PM Register Here!

VMock Lab

Fri., May. 5   | 12:30 - 1PM Register Here!


*Note these sessions are not for employers. Learn more about virtual fairs for employers*


CLD welcomes persons with disabilities and will provide reasonable accommodations upon request. If you would like reasonable accommodations for these events, please email as soon as possible so arrangements can be made. 


Career Fairs

Event Date Handshake Link
Spring 2023 Engineering And Computer Science Career Fair  Fri., Feb.17th | 12 - 4PM Register Here!

Spring 2023 Part-Time Job Fair

Thu., Feb. 23rd | 12 - 3PM

Register Here!
Spring 2023 College of Science & Engineering Career Fair Thu., Mar. 2nd | 12 - 4PM Register Here! 
Spring 2023 Part-Time Career & Internship Fair

Thu., April 13th | 12 - 3PM

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Reserve an appointment to update your professional headshot - Click Here!


Before the Fair:

  • Complete your Handshake profile¬†

  • Register for the Job or Career & Internship fair¬†

  • Review the "Employers Attending" section of the fair:

    • Identify the companies you are interested in

    • Read their summaries

    • Note the job titles they are hiring for

  • Do your background research on the companies/organizations and recruiters¬†

  • Prepare your questionnaire¬†

  • Make or update your resume¬†

  • Make sure you remember their names and know the proper pronunciation before you meet them

  • Have your professional headshot ready (note - free CLD offers free headshots. Schedule an appointment on Handshake).¬†

  • Prepare your elevator pitch¬†

  • Practice your pitch on Big Interview

  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable (We know this is hard, trust us, we know )

  • Visit CLD if you need additional help


During the Fair:

  • Dress up in your professional outfit (business causal at bare minimum) to convey your ethos to the potential employers

  • Have your resume and cover letter ready on hand

  • Make sure you get their name(s) and email address(es) and save this information in a place where you will not loss them

  • Have your questions ready for the recruiters. Use notecards or your phone to jot down your questions. This way you won't forget them

  • Take notes of what they are looking for and if you would be a good fit for the offered positions

  • BE ON TIME. You are going to Rock this!¬†


After the Fair:

  • ALWAYS REMEMBER to follow up with the recruiter/employer for the position(s) that you are interested in

  • PLEASE REMEMBER to say "thank you" for their time

  • CONNECT with your manager/recruiter/recruiter liaison¬†on LinkedIn to continue your conversation about the position(s) that you were interested in.