Important Information

ITS has rolled out a new universal login in the format of
(ex. SF State Login:

Your SF State ID is a nine-digit number assigned to you during the student application process. Your SF State Login is your SF State ID nine-digit number at, for example,

Starting June 6, 2023, you'll need to use your SF State Login and associated password to access services at SF State, including Wi-Fi, EmailBox at SF StateiLearn, Handshake and others.

Please check more info on the ITS Website:

Check out the various platforms below:


Handshake is our online career management platform for students and employers. Over 10,000+ employers, 5,600+ jobs, 1,500+ internships listings and growing.


Activate Your Handshake Account - Instructions

Students: new students will not be able to activate Handshake account until July 15, 2023

  • Go to: 
  • Click on the blue button that says San Francisco State University SSO  

  • Enter your credentials for SF State Global Login and click on “Login” 

Alumni: Please complete form to request your Handshake account.

What is VMock?

VMock is a 24/7 online resume tool that utilizes employer input across multiple fields and industries to provide you with instant feedback on your resume.


What Can You Do with VMock?

Create a resume from scratch:

VMock allows you to choose a resume template and then provides you with step-by-step instructions for building a meaningful resume.


Upload an existing resume:

Upload your current resume (PDF format) and receive real-time feedback along three criteria:  impact, presentation and competencies. VMock will give your resume a score between 1 to 100.  You can raise the score by making the suggested edits with the SMART Editor.  NOTE – you are given 10 opportunities per year to rescore your resume.


VMock Student Login Instructions

  • Go to:
  • Click on red button Continue with University ID
  • Use your SF State credentials to sign-in
  • Complete your profile by selecting the college and degree that most closely aligns with your current goals.  If you don’t know what college your major is in, use our SFSU bulletin page:
  • Watch the Intro video
  • Upload your resume or create one from scratch
  • Edit and enhance your resume using the feedback provided with the SMART editor
  • Get your resume score and feedback within seconds. NOTE – You have 10 opportunities to rescore per year
  • When finished, export your resume in a PDF or Word format

Big Interview

Big Interview provides students with lessons and virtual interview practice. Review your progress and get feedback from career professionals, mentors, and friends. 


Create Your Big Interview Account - Instructions


  • Go to: 
  • Click on the REGISTER button located at the top right

  • Enter your

    • First and Last Name

    • campus email (must be an or email)

    • Password  


Alumni: Please complete form to request your Handshake account.