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Date Added


Job Title/s 

Type(FT, PT, Intern )

7/22/2024 Stanford University Program Administrator Full-Time
07/17/2024 Sally Swanson Architects Accounting Assistant Part-Time
07/16/2024 CVS Pharmacy  Pharmacy Technicians  Full-Time, Part-Time
07/15/2024 U.S. Department of Energy

Office of Critical and Emerging Technologies Fellow

07/15/2024 U.S. Department of Energy Commercial Buildings and Building Energy Code Fellow Fellowship
07/08/2024 U.S. Department of Energy Social Science Fellow Fellowship
07/02/2024 North Bay CA Teachers School Year '24-25 Full-Time
06/28/2024 U.S Department of Energy  Data, Policy and Project Research Fellow Full-Time 
06/28/2024 Los Angeles Community College District

Fitness Center Coordinator

06/28/2024 Los Angeles Community College District

Physical Education Athletic Facilities Assistant

06/24/2024 Asian Pacific American Community Center Temporary Elections Outreach Assistant Part-Time
06/21/2024 Small Talk Therapy  Speech-Language Pathologist and Assistants  Full-Time 
06/17/2024 Siemens Industry Software Inc.

Functional Design/Verification Applications Engineer Intern

06/12/2024 Specialized Bay Area Flex  Service Technician  Full-Time, Part-Time
06/12/2024 FBI FBI Fellowship Opportunity  Fellowship
06/07/2024 AmeriCorps Sustainability Service Corps  Fellowship 
06/06/2024 ABC Preschool  Afterschool Teacher  Part-Time
06/06/2024 ABC Preschool  Lead Preschool Teacher  Full-Time, Part-Time
06/06/2024 ABC Preschool  Assistant Director Full-Time 
05/31/2024 Transportation Authority of Marin  Assistant Project Delivery Manager  Full-Time
05/31/2024 Edelson PC Mass Torts Paralegal Position  Full-Time 
05/31/2024 Edelson PC Litigation Paralegal Position  Full-Time 
05/28/2024 United Irish Cultural Center Remote Story Writer Intern Part-Time
05/28/2024 United Irish Cultural Center UICC Social Media Creator & Design Intern Part-Time
05/24/2024 DoorDash Campus Launcher Part-Time
05/23/2024 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Office Hydrogen Shot Fellow  Fellowship
05/23/2024 Level All Campus Representative Part-Time
05/21/2024 University Instructors Education Assistant Full-Time
05/20/2024 Alameda County Healthcare Agency Policy Intern Internship
05/17/2024 Second Harvest Nutrition Volunteer Coordinator Full-Time
05/17/2024 U.S. Department of Energy  Science, Technology, And Policy Fellow  Fellowship 
05/17/2024 Department of Energy  C3E Initiative Fellow  Full-Time